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The made the drive up to Kingwood & we snuck out the back gate of my backyard to take some photos, just like we had when Addie was turning one…. Getting to photograph the same clients year after year is so much fun for me! Though my sappy little heart kind of can’t take it […]

There are clients of mine who hold a special place in my heart because they are dear friends. There are clients of mine who hold a special place in my heart because they are families I’ve photographed multiple times. This sweet family? They’re both. And I couldn’t be more excited to share their maternity portraits […]

We got to enjoy the beautiful morning light, escaped the afternoon warmth & started the weekend on such a good note! I got to enjoy watching these three enjoying this time, just the three of them before Lydia’s little brother will arrive, and it once again reminded me how lucky I am to get to […]

An early Saturday morning trip into downtown Houston was a perfect start to a weekend!!! I was so excited to see Lauren, Zach & Caleb again & timing worked out perfectly as they traveled to Houston from the Austin area for a wedding, so we stole a little time away to get some maternity portraits […]

Last Saturday was such as treat as the Fish family traveled to Kingwood for some updated family portraits – and maternity portraits!! We’ve known Brittany & Gavin for years, and Connor was Peanut’s buddy from when they were teeny-tiny little babies. It’s been such a joy to take family portraits of them over the past […]

One thing I’ve absolutely loved about being back in Kingwood is getting to reconnect with former high school (or middle school…. or elementary school!) classmates to photograph them & their families. It’s so fun to see how we’ve all grown into adulthood & made lives outside of Kingwood, and then come back to (or near) […]

Maternity sessions for my Little Ones clients are always some of my favorites because I get to meet them & hang out for the first time & look forward to seeing them multiple times over the next year, and it was no different with the Griggs family! Carolyn, Paul, Piper & Abigail came over to […]

Alright, y’all! Get ready to meet the Richter family… I’m thrilled to say you’ll be seeing a lot more of them over the next year as they’re one of my Little Ones families! We kicked off their Little Ones package with a blend of family & maternity portraits – at the request of the girls. […]

So let me tell you ’bout my beeeeest friend… (anyone else sing that in their head? Just me? Ok. Moving on…) This is Adrian & she had a baby. But before that, I made the drive from Kingwood out to Weatherford to take some maternity portraits for her & Jason. Funny little sidenote story – […]

Y’all this session was a long time coming!! I’ve photographed Hannah’s sister & her family before many times, and we tried to get something set up forever ago, but you know, life got in the way. I was sooo glad that we were finally able to find a day & time that worked for our […]

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