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June 16, 2014

A Late Happy Father’s Day

Although yesterday was technically Father’s Day, I wanted to take today to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. It’s not an easy job to be a parent, and I’m blessed to have had the most wonderful Dad.


Dad, thank you for teaching me that it’s ok if I never really stop being a kid. Thank you for teaching me the importance of responsibility, caring for others, and working hard. Thank you for developing my love of sports, and for instilling in me a deep connection to family. I know you have worked so hard to provide for our family, and I want you to know I appreciate it. I love that Peanut gets to have you as her Pops, and I know she’ll be able to learn a lot from you (including how to fill a closet!!).


And Max, thank you for being such a great Daddy for Peanut. It truly melts my heart to see you with her, and I can tell already how much she loves you. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this craziness that is parenthood, and I am so thankful for you and all that you do. You are so dedicated to leading our family and being there for us. You make time to play, to be together as a family, and to pray together. I can’t wait to see you get all dressed up for Daddy-Daughter dances, or to see you on the sidelines at Peanut’s games. I know you’ll have a huge grin on your face, just like she does when you walk into the room.

2014-06-16_0001 2014-06-16_0002

It was a great Father’s Day… I got some time with my dad, and Max was able to spend time with his dad in celebration of not only Father’s Day, but his birthday and his brother-in-law Ben’s birthday. He made it home in time to spend the afternoon with Peanut and see her walk the farthest she’s gone on her own so far!!

Father’s truly are a blessing… whether they are by blood or by action.


So a big thank you & I love you go out to my favorite Dads today!!

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