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May 27, 2016

For Brides: Wedding Day Details

Kingwood wedding photographer - wedding details you should have ready for your photographer

When people think of wedding photography, they tend to think of bride & groom portraits, ceremony shots, first dance photos, etc., and rightfully so! Those are some of the key parts of the day and priorities for photographs.

But something less commonly thought of would be the details (especially the bride & groom’s personal details), and I just think they don’t get the credit they deserve!

The details are what make up the day – and they’re also such a great way to remember the way the day felt, and to really be able to see the full story of the day through your photographs! To remember the perfume you wore, the delicate pattern of the lace on your veil, the perfectly-designed invitation suite you sent out to loved ones to invite them to stand witness to the beginning of your forever.

Nacogdoches photographer images of bridal wedding details

Wedding day details have such great potential to be a place where the bride & groom can really bring their personalities into their wedding celebration, and it’s a great opportunity to highlight what’s most important to them.

For example, for me, family is everything so I had the first piece of jewelry my grandmother received from my grandfather wired into my bouquet, along with the lace trim of my mother’s wedding dress wrapping the stems. I am so incredibly grateful to have beautiful pictures to remember exactly how that looked since those flowers are long gone now. I will be able to take those photos & show my girls when they get older & ask about our wedding, or even as they plan their own.

Be sure to communicate with your photographer about any personal touches and sentimental details like that so they can be sure to get photos of them for you! This is included in the pre-wedding questionnaire I have each of my couples fill out because it is so important to me to honor those things for my brides & grooms! (Plus I love that it allows me to get to know my brides even better as they fill me in on the personal stories behind the special touches they’ve planned!!!)

Nacogdoches photographer images of bridal wedding details

Here are a few of the things I would suggest having on hand and ready for your photographer as they arrive:

  • Bridal accessories (shoes, jewelry, hair piece/veil, heirloom pieces, bouquet, rings, etc.)
  • Invitation suite (these tend to get lost post-wedding, so having a good photo of it is important!)
  • Letters or gifts you are exchanging with your soon-to-be spouse
  • Your perfume or cologne bottle
  • Any photos or mementos of lost loved-ones
  • Groom/groomsmen’s boutonnieres
  • Groom’s accessories (watch, cuff links, tie, shoes, etc.)

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