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I work really hard on my family portrait sessions to make it an enjoyable experience…. we play, we laugh, you get to just be who you are as a family while I guide you into simple, natural poses. But before the day of the session arrives, there’s the process of selecting what everyone will wear. […]

I am so fortunate to have really deep bonds with my extended family even though they’re a plane ride away. Seeing my girls get to know & love my grandparents is such a gift! Getting to photograph 4 generations of a family all together… you know I was loving it! Emily reached out after following […]

We met for Ellis’ 9 month portraits on what should have been a fall day, but with Houston weather, you can’t ever count on that! So there we were all dressed for fall & fighting the beads of sweat forming on our foreheads… but friend, let me tell you… it was worth it! I can’t […]

I was so excited when Nikkie, the amazing woman behind Kingwood Moms, signed up for one of my fall mini session spots. Getting to meet her & her family was a joy & I can’t even begin to tell you how cute her two kiddos are! To all the mamas reading this – if you’re […]

Even though these Aggies showed up in (perfectly coordinated) maroon, my little Red Raider heart loves them regardless!!! As with previous portrait sessions here in Kingwood with the Durhams, Abigail was ready to bust out her best modeling skills & Jackson made me work for each and every smile (which doesn’t phase me one bit)! […]

They were working as a team from the moment I arrived, and it was such a treat for me to see friends from back in my Texas Tech days as brand new parents. In each moment, it seemed that Lauren & Todd were completely in sync & working as one… until they weren’t. Todd scooped […]

As the day was just beginning, we all met by the edge of the water. The sounds of birds waking caught Ellis’ attention as he took in everything around him. With all the new sounds & things to look at, Ellis was rocking a pretty serious face, but that all changed as soon as his […]

You could literally see the humidity that early Sunday morning, and the air was already warm. As the sun continued to rise, the haze lit up over the field in an almost ethereal glow, and while it was pretty, it wasn’t exactly comfortable, but this incredible family didn’t let it affect them at all! There […]

The text message said to just come on it, the door is open. And that’s exactly how this whole session felt. Easy-going, warm, welcoming & just like family. I can’t say enough how much it meant to take a drive (by myself!) to go see these four. Connor was Peanut’s first friend, and seeing him […]

With the light pouring in from a wall of windows, Zach & Lauren snuggled their sweet baby girl. Big brother Caleb napped in his room toward the front of the house, worn out from the excitement of showing off his new sister & helping me carry in my baskets, blankets & wraps. In the sweet […]

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